Homeless Camp Cleanup

Homeless Camp Cleanup

We Offer Homeless Camp Cleanup Services And Are Also Happy To Answer Any Questions You Might Have When Cleaning Up One Of Your Own Properties. 

We here at PDX Junk Removal & Hauling have noticed a difference in our city over the last several years. Some good, some not so good. In this instance, we are referring to the overwhelming number of homeless camps. We have been called out to cleanup a quite a few this year and have some do’s & do not’s for you out there that may be dealing with this epidemic on your property.

  1. Never approach a camp alone
  2. Make yourself known if you must approach, try not to sneak up on them.
  3. Avoid confrontation at all costs, call the police if need be.
  4. If you handle the cleanup yourself, make sure you have all the necessary personal protective wear. Safety glasses, puncture resistant gloves, mask, boots or work shoes, shovels, rakes, grabbers, sharps containers & durable trash cans.
  5. Look at EVERYTHING you touch. Where ever you plan to put your hands or feet, look first. It could save your life. The last thing anyone needs is to get stuck with a rouge syringe or cut by glass & other sharp objects.
  6. Don’t do it alone. A lot of trash & waste can accumulate in a small area. What looks like a couple hours of work can end up taking days. Recruit some help from a family member or friend in order to be safe & work effectively for longer. Safety first, then teamwork!
  7. Be prepared. Homeless camp cleanup is hard, disgusting and very dangerous. We often come across makeshift bathrooms, needles, metal objects and overall unsanitary conditions.

Be sure to use the highest of caution when in or around a homeless camp. Often people are the most unpredictable when in desperate situations. We care about everyone’s safety and hope these tips help. Remember, you can always give us a call. We’re happy to answer your questions & we provide free estimates (503) 409-6332 Property Cleanup Services

Homeless Camp Cleanup Portland

Always use approved sharps containers. Never discard needles into trash bags. Safety should be your main priority, with the completion being next. Follow Us On Twitter

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