More Than A Junk Removal Company, We’re An Everything Removal Company!

We have been asked on many occasions “what do you take?” and the answer is pretty much everything. As long as it doesn’t contain asbestos or bodies, we have¬†you covered. We’ve realized that people will come across a lot of odd items they need removed. Everything from trash, furniture, gravel, dirt, construction debris and even ice & snow! We’ve poised ourselves to handle it all. It doesn’t matter if you have appliances, tires hazardous chemicals, sheet rock, trees, bushes or just rocks & dirt. PDX Junk Removal & Hauling will haul it all. We believe that if you have something that needs to be removed or hauled, one company should handle it all. That is why we are your removal company of choice and have helped us to be one of the fastest growing & highly rated junk removal companies in Portland & the surrounding cities. We pride ourselves and staff on professional customer service, affordable rates, on time & reliable service and the want and ability to keep Oregon green. We hope you will help by calling us next time you need something removed from your home.

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