Affordable Hot Tub Removal

When thinking about getting rid of your old hot tub, there are a couple organizations & companies that will remove your hot tub for free & some may even pay you. But in order to take advantage of that, your hot tub must meet a few requirements first.

  • Is there any rotten wood?
  • Does it still work?
  • Is it less than 10 year old?
  • Is it all in one piece?

If you can’t answer yes to all of the above, you may as well give us a call to cut it in pieces & haul it away for you. The only way these companies will haul it for free or pay you is if they can re-use or re-sell your old hot tub. Our services are simply removing & disposing of the hot tub in a quick, professional & safe manner. We will usually cut the hot tub into pieces and toss it into our trailer and sweep up any mess that remains. We them take that to our local dump for responsible and proper disposal.

We are the hot tub removal specialist you need for the oldest, nastiest of hot tubs. Most times we can have it cut up and the area cleaned up within an hour as long as the power is disconnected and the tub has been drained. Our customers are always amazed at how quick & clean their porches, patios & concrete slabs look after we are finished removing their hot tub. We provide this service to people all over PDX. Pretty much anywhere from Beaverton to Mt. Hood. If you’ve been thinking about how to get rid of your old, junker hot tub….. Look no further. We can show up on the same day, give you a fair & competitive quote as well as haul it way… All within a couple hours of your call in most cases. For hot tub removal in Portland OR call 503-409-6332